Bandos’ Guide

Description: Graardor, 55,000 blood, weak point, Max, as a rule, beat the 500 units of the other three servants of the shadow of loss (the range will be more than 400 three-way steelwill (mage), strongsack In general, it reached 1,500 battles of over 1,000, but focused), grass (range)
Equipment: Graardor has no fatigue, so the theoretical scale Mage is a realistic battlefield. But, in fact, the impact of the conflict is far more spectacular. Whether it is higher than the magician can withstand the attack on 2, the scope of damage, the osrs gold ability to fight the defense points of the view, the effective angle perspective of the attack, the military weapons and so on Graardor

The flow of Mauru: This flow of confidence in their ability to survive the most harmful, even in the case of armor verac invalid, can be used as a weapon based on the fight of Camaul damaged I will. Although this method is the most harmful but effective, one soul decomposition is necessary because the other blood supply method is not a back meal. In principle, the correct operation can be compensated if the obstacles are open.

Guthan Flow: It is the use of Guthan’s armor, with little damage cheap osrs gold and a slight downward flow of Maul. But behind the athletes is not a good osrs gold choice for the distribution or qualifying breeders in Seoul, the ability to use Guthan

In order to consider the whole election, osrs gold consider the equipment installed according to your situation, no effect gloves, download, Cape attack, taking into account the defense Graardor’s steelwill master can not set the fight

Appendix A: Again, according to Max Stat, food.Stat does not complement his capacity, as the large group of high school PPOT, low level food I Maxstad + 99mage battle is bigger, All can not be used alone, can be set. Please come to the market to prevent it. All kinds of familiar items are best suited to save pack pack BAB plus winter storage and choose your own cache box set. Beginners can use it with a turtle. I usually can not eat the Graardor and hard shadow falls down, so I do not have the (Bunnip) Banip, Can not play Bandos food. Note: To respond to a call from another place of the shield, please collect the super bottle. Always be sure to pick up a puddle.

Features: pay attention to attacks, attacks, storms, closures

If it is not the top of prayer: then, choose prayer and not use soul assignments, curse words everywhere near the top of the fight with osrs gold food riots, like a lot of Chilean potatoes, sharks You need to beat the top, in the field of top general

Graysdale Fight
While fighting Graardor, your first goal is to open a ferocious arnalğan.Berserker that is enough to cause twice the damage, you are more serious than you two seconds.
At first, I went to Bolwir and became wild and I have to attack the cheap osrs gold four monsters with a storm (range close to the range)

After that, you need to create a regular attack plane for intensive ferocious servers, then maximize the use of other essential functions to deal with likke, thread, church, and quick press (borermen awlanw) note After 20 seconds to open: If your hand speed is very slow, you can attack the weapon attacking the opponent, 21% and 200% of the attack against the sky, and I, with the upper limit Up to 6K + 5K + 5K + 6K damage in combination (Important, there is no serious damage up to 6k, we have 5k damage). When the attack is complete cheap osrs gold (when the character is raising the weapon from the ground), click on the basic ability (skill is needed)

When you open it, Graardor runs for 20 seconds and dies and falls to the ground. Just get a storm and something. Next, metallurgy (Mac), bucket (band), brush
Too little blood They will retain some attacks, osrs gold but after the ability of the target to select how much you can not use how much harm (such as defense, interior and magician), you adren Be careful not to kill them too fast if you pay attention to the accumulation of

After the war
Such oil free / fast protection resonance (including U shield), preparation (including shield), wait, degree of freedom, scale / mage has some Adren’s use ability.

Station: When waiting, selecting the right place will display certain benefits.
None, lower right position cheap osrs gold unit (picture) recycled steel stands and fights you

If someone fights you, please restore Grador.

Bundle: Graardor 3xSuper is the most commonly used dishwasher when used in food. The Zamorak GWD is exhausted. However, Laasa has an average of 20 minutes, as Crasher is convinced that it can survive with 12 bottles to improve combat efficiency. If you have the opportunity to get the hockey of the city, if the crusher does not need hops, it should usually introduce the best condition 23 years ago and be religious and shocking. (In the first fight you have, you have a large part osrs gold of Adren).

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