Araxxi Guide (3)

Araxxor uses a special attack every five normal attacks, so when arakxor can be accurately predicted with a special attack, before this, freeze, anticipate
Araxxor will not use the same osrs gold special attack twice in PHASE1, that is to say if the araxxor sweeps on a special attack, the next one is the net shield or the wire.
When Araxxor’s blood volume drops to 0, it will automatically reply. After this, you should run through the net you burned to Phase2.
! :Phase1,2 residual blood volume makes Phase 3’s araxxor return blood, so Phase1,2 should try to reduce the blood volume of araxxor

Phase2, Araxxor will reply back to 100K Hp, and then get a few special attacks to temporarily lose the silk
Fireball + spider egg
No matter which way you choose, araxxor has this special attack.

Araxxor will have 2 or 3 eggs, and then fire a fireball at you. You can walk over or beside the spider eggs. The fireball will burn the spider eggs while burning you. Fireball can deal 3000 damage, each spider egg can help you share 900, if three spider eggs are burned by fireball, you will osrs gold only receive 300 points.
Spider eggs that are not destroyed after the fireball is detonated will hatch a combat spider (3000Hp, one of melee/range/magic)

Araxxor can summon 5 spiders in turn to help him fight. When a runescape gold group of black spots shoot from under him, he indicates that he wants to cast this skill.
Combat type 3
Bladed spider:melee
Spitting spider:range
Special attention should be paid to the two auxiliary types.
Mirrorback osrs gold spider (yellow): Any damage you do to Araxxor will bounce back to you, seeing this stop attack immediately
Pulsing spider (with a big red circle behind it): A few seconds to launch a green light to Araxxor to restore its 5000HP,

Araxxor can only summon 4 groups (20 in total). After the Phase 2 kill, you don’t have to worry about Phase 3 reappearing. So don’t worry if you see the spiders come out and solve them.
Tip: Araxxor will basically switch between fireballs and summon spiders. If there is a spider in your melee range, the fireball will kill the spider directly.
After reducing the blood volume of runescape gold Araxxor, he ran through the channel and entered Phase3.

The first half of the middle road is a poison pool (relief, temporarily harmless to you), the second half is a slope
Leading Araxxor into the poison pool, there will be an acid metre on the screen; osrs gold Araxxor will accumulate acid in the poison pool, and the acid will decrease. What is needed is to accumulate acid to half of the acid metre and then run to the top of the slope. Acid will erode the slope. After a certain degree of corrosion, the slope will smash and then enter Phase3.
(magic ability surge is often used in the middle, put it where you can get it)
1.Araxxor will attack you in the melee range when you have acid, be prepared to be hurt by the melee attribute, and the reaction must be faster or you are ready to be cleave.
2.Araxxor’s skills in the middle: Araxxor will use the action of the melee attack (just action) and runescape gold then launch a white ball (just like the range attack). The white ball will fall around you and become a green liquid (red circle in the picture). After a few seconds, an Acid Spider will hatch. The Acid spider will go in your direction, although the Acid spiders only live for a few seconds. If you meet you in these few seconds, GG, 32000 damage (yes, 32k)
3. If the acid is not corroded after the slope is over, go back to the poison pool.
4.1%acid counts osrs gold as 1% enrage (increasing the accuracy and damage of all Araxxor attacks)

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