Araxxi Guide (4)

Araxxor will run back to the top of the cave and will not fight directly with you. The whole scene will be dark except for a bright spot, and it will continue to be hurt in the dark, so rush to the bright place (the light place will be randomly switched).
Araxxor occasionally attacks you with magic or range (ready antipoison)
There is a wall at the end runescape gold of the road. Every once in a while, Araxxor will dive you down (before the system will prompt) and then you will enter a scene similar to cutscene (but can eat drink, switch prayer). Arrows, Araxxor will take an action when it comes to you. After the action, it will hit you and the wall behind you. You have to choose an arrow according to the action of Araxxor.
Araxxor front leg from left (right)  (left or right on your side): click on the osrs gold left (right) arrow
Araxxor front legs open: click on the up arrow
Araxxor’s front legs are close together: click on the down arrow
Click Yes, count as full dodge, without any damage, the wall will drop 25%
Wrong, it is not completely dodged, 2500 damage, the wall will drop 12.5%
Do nothing, direct 5000 damage, wall lossless
After runescape gold the wall is destroyed, you can run out of the channel and enter Phase3.

Phase3 Araxxor will receive special attacks based on the two basic special attacks and Fireball + Spider Eggs based on the open two channels. The goal osrs gold of Phase 3 is to reduce the Araxxor HP to 0 (will return Phase1 in battle, 2 remaining HP’s) 80%)
On the road: Araxxor will summon the spiders that have not been killed in Phase2 (can be ignored if they are killed)
Middle Road: Araxxor will occasionally summon the same acid spider as in Phase 2. (red)
Will summon a few (if you phase2 selected road will only appear 1~2, no choice will appear 5) Highly Acid Spider (blue, harmless to you, Jagex what logic?): Right click Highly acid spider will have a Lure’s option, click lure, Highly acid spider will follow you, lure it to araxxor, Araxxor will reply 5000Hp, and increase 20% enrage. If you did not seduce Araxxor and kill Araxxor, Phase4’s Araxxi Will absorb Enrage (you will never want to fight with 5×100% Enraged Araxxi). In order to save food, the best strategy is to let Araxxor absorb in the order of araxxor dying (HP<5000).
Generally this is the first skill that Araxxor casts on Phase 3.
Note the distinction between Acid spider and Highly runescape gold acid spider

Araxxor will let the dark cover the whole scene for a period of time and the same effect as Phase2, while letting a beam of light down
Araxxor will have 2 of the 3 roads above.

Phase3 will reduce the Araxxor life to 0. There will be a cutscene: Araxxor is killed by a female spider called Araxxi. If you haven’t killed Araxxi before… This cutscene will last for a while, so when the cutscene is finished, you will be with Araxxi. Fight (yes, osrs gold your Adren will drop to 0 during cutscene). So you need to prepare (re-ovl/renewal, antipoison, change action bar, eat/drink to full). It is best to prepare when Phase3 is playing. If you have already killed Araxxi before, there will be some time to prepare (pictured)

Same 100K Hp
Araxxi will switch between Magic, Range, Melee attacks (if you are not in her melee range, she will only use magic range), and will switch attacks based on your osrs gold protection prayer (if you open protect mage her next attack is range ). This requires you to turn prayers frequently, suggesting to stand far away from her, can increase your reaction time.
Early stage (100k~50k HP)
Araxxi will have the following skills
Three basic special attacks: sweep, silk, net shield (but rarely used compared to the first two)
Absorbs Highly Acid Spider that is not absorbed by Araxxor in runescape gold Phase 3 (almost the first skill of Phase 4)
Summon spiders include those that are not summoned and summoned without being killed
Let the whole field darken, because the light is basically the melee range of Araxxi, so it is straight to kill the damage caused by the darkness (the darkness will last a little shorter than the Araxxor)
In the early stage, it was basically turning prayers, using Anticipate, freedom to deal with sweeping, silking

Medium term (50K~25K)
Araxxi will be angry, normal attacks will be aggravated, but all osrs gold special attacks will be lost, so it is easier than the previous period.
Pay attention to the blood volume of Araxxi, accumulate Adren, release a Deadshot or Unload as soon as 25K

Late (<25K)
Later, the Araxxi attack was strengthened again. Basically, there was protection prayer 1000+, no protection prayer 3000+.
When Araxxi drops below 25K, it will release a Highly Acid wave (black in the picture), and the release will slow you down by 50% of Adren (so it’s best to prepare enough Adren to cast Ultimate before this). Ability)

Highly Acid Wave will randomly play five times and then fly to your position. If you hit you, it will cause you 1500~2500/second osrs gold damage. After you run away, it will continue to play five times; if it doesn’t hit you, then it will Will continue to follow you until you hit you, the best way to deal with it is to let it hit you and then quickly run away, focus on prayer, eat drink, and attack. The whole battle is basically runescape gold the toughest here. Stick to the Araxxi and kill the body of search Araxxi and you can get the spoils. The loot can choose to get the backpack, bank off, or Gamble pet (abandon the spoils, let the pet The chance is doubled).

Araxxi Guide (3)

Araxxor uses a special attack every five normal attacks, so when arakxor can be accurately predicted with a special attack, before this, freeze, anticipate
Araxxor will not use the same osrs gold special attack twice in PHASE1, that is to say if the araxxor sweeps on a special attack, the next one is the net shield or the wire.
When Araxxor’s blood volume drops to 0, it will automatically reply. After this, you should run through the net you burned to Phase2.
! :Phase1,2 residual blood volume makes Phase 3’s araxxor return blood, so Phase1,2 should try to reduce the blood volume of araxxor

Phase2, Araxxor will reply back to 100K Hp, and then get a few special attacks to temporarily lose the silk
Fireball + spider egg
No matter which way you choose, araxxor has this special attack.

Araxxor will have 2 or 3 eggs, and then fire a fireball at you. You can walk over or beside the spider eggs. The fireball will burn the spider eggs while burning you. Fireball can deal 3000 damage, each spider egg can help you share 900, if three spider eggs are burned by fireball, you will osrs gold only receive 300 points.
Spider eggs that are not destroyed after the fireball is detonated will hatch a combat spider (3000Hp, one of melee/range/magic)

Araxxor can summon 5 spiders in turn to help him fight. When a runescape gold group of black spots shoot from under him, he indicates that he wants to cast this skill.
Combat type 3
Bladed spider:melee
Spitting spider:range
Special attention should be paid to the two auxiliary types.
Mirrorback osrs gold spider (yellow): Any damage you do to Araxxor will bounce back to you, seeing this stop attack immediately
Pulsing spider (with a big red circle behind it): A few seconds to launch a green light to Araxxor to restore its 5000HP,

Araxxor can only summon 4 groups (20 in total). After the Phase 2 kill, you don’t have to worry about Phase 3 reappearing. So don’t worry if you see the spiders come out and solve them.
Tip: Araxxor will basically switch between fireballs and summon spiders. If there is a spider in your melee range, the fireball will kill the spider directly.
After reducing the blood volume of runescape gold Araxxor, he ran through the channel and entered Phase3.

The first half of the middle road is a poison pool (relief, temporarily harmless to you), the second half is a slope
Leading Araxxor into the poison pool, there will be an acid metre on the screen; osrs gold Araxxor will accumulate acid in the poison pool, and the acid will decrease. What is needed is to accumulate acid to half of the acid metre and then run to the top of the slope. Acid will erode the slope. After a certain degree of corrosion, the slope will smash and then enter Phase3.
(magic ability surge is often used in the middle, put it where you can get it)
1.Araxxor will attack you in the melee range when you have acid, be prepared to be hurt by the melee attribute, and the reaction must be faster or you are ready to be cleave.
2.Araxxor’s skills in the middle: Araxxor will use the action of the melee attack (just action) and runescape gold then launch a white ball (just like the range attack). The white ball will fall around you and become a green liquid (red circle in the picture). After a few seconds, an Acid Spider will hatch. The Acid spider will go in your direction, although the Acid spiders only live for a few seconds. If you meet you in these few seconds, GG, 32000 damage (yes, 32k)
3. If the acid is not corroded after the slope is over, go back to the poison pool.
4.1%acid counts osrs gold as 1% enrage (increasing the accuracy and damage of all Araxxor attacks)

Araxxi Guide (2)

After entering, Araxxor will climb down. First you have to judge through the color of the feet that kind of Araxxor

Blue: Araxxor will attack with magic (green venom), with the effect of lowering your skills (so be sure to have Overload) because you use (should) range so this is the easiest

Green: Araxxor will osrs gold attack with a range (white skein), the effect is poisonous (a dos’s antipoison++ can make you immune for 12 minutes)

The above two will be range/magic attack, but if you are within the range of alayxor melee he will occasionally melee you

Red: Araxxor will use melee (two front legs to stab you), the effect is extra damage, and not low. So runescape gold see this quickly run

In Phase 1, Arxxor only uses three basic special attacks in addition to normal attacks.


Araxxor will pull you in front of osrs gold him and bend your front leg in one direction (pictured). If you don’t evade it for 1 second, aroxhor will do you 2000 to 5000 damage and 500 to 1000 damage to your familiar. (This is why tortoise cannot be used.) The range of sweep damage is only one unit (melee range) in front of araxxor and 4 units for familiar.
How to deal with it: Being in the freedom/anticipate state before araxxor puts skills can prevent runescape gold him from pulling you, if you are pulled in front of him and quickly open it later


Araxxor will highlight a group of small spiders that will wrap you around, allowing your devotion, debilitate, and other def abilities to cool; you can’t do anything in the entangling state and take 200 damage every second.
Coping method: With the mouse around the runescape gold mad points (spamclick, similar to deal with glacor’s freeze), after a few seconds will break free, if the aradexor release the skills before the free/anticipate state, two points can break free

Web Shield

Araxxor will wrap himself in a spiderweb (the net in High Detail is transparent), and what you do to him will usually reflect to the time, and araxxor will reply 5×1000 HP (bleed will stop him from returning blood).
How to deal with it: Stop the attack immediately and let him return to this 5000 blood. Dualwielder can put on the shield and immediately after osrs gold the Resonance put a snipe/shadow tendril back to the blood, 2H can also runescape gold put on the shield and then use provoke,resonance,preparation to get 24% of the adren.

Araxxi Guide (1)

Must request
Pack yak (wrote to the war tortoise character will be hacked halfway)
Level 80 or higher range weapons (melee or magic is not recommended)
70 or more equipment
You can use Deathswiftness (otherwise it will kill very slowly)

Suggestion, it is runescape gold not necessary, but it can help you to a large extent
Enhanced excalibur: Free reply to 2000 or 4000 (elite) points every 5 minutes HP
Aura: Sharpshooter> vampirisim> penance
90 range weapons
Zamorak or Saradomin Warpiest boot,glove,helm

Araxyte Lair is located in the southeast of Haunted woods in three ways
1.Canifis lodestone (red)
2.Fairyring (yellow)
3.ectophial (blue, need 92agility)

Layout can be roughly the same, according to personal custom

If you don’t plan to put def abilities runescape gold and prayer on the action bar, be sure to put it on your own easy reach. Anticipation, freedom, and devotion (if you have) in Def abilities are used frequently throughout the battle, and protection prayer is frequently switched in Phase 4.
Sign of Death: After you die, you will revive your place and return to 15% hp (other than adren down to 0), while dealing 10K damage to your NPC. This can be done in Phase4. Pulling away
Adren Potion is best to bring a bottle

After the Araxyte hive, there will be two choices in the cave entrance
Normal entry
2. Into the cemetery, dead things to find here
Enter the cave to a webbed entrance. If someone has already fought osrs gold inside, you will not be allowed to enter. You can wait for him to finish the fight or open an instance yourself (200k, after an hour or no one is inside, it will be discarded.) , 200K can only be played once without friends standing guard)
After entering the battlefield, there will be an empty place to connect three channels, one of which will be blocked by rocks and the other two will osrs gold be blocked by the net. Select one of the two nets to be blown (what effects will be seen below). Blasting the web requires 1 minute

Rs newcomers to the fastest way to get money – do not have to do tasks – not Daguai.

Rs newcomers to the fastest way to money ~
Do not have to do the task – not Daguai.

The location of the mouse

After entering, there will be many doors on runescape gold the ground floor. To open a door to answer a question (very simple), on the way there are a lot of strangers that are not normally seen, such as Tauren and Wolf. The most amazing thing is level 25 goblin. Open all doors to a treasure chest, open it and get 2,000 osrs gold bucks

After the underground one-story chest was taken, there was a hole leading directly to the second floor underground. The monsters here are dangerous and will runescape gold actively attack. The method is the same as the osrs gold first floor. After all the doors have been opened, they will receive 3,000 yuan.