Blog parties and goals

First, I apologize for not posting for a while. I did not have time for Thanksgiving and such things. Anyway, I had a previous arrangement for a blog party, but it only took an hour, so I runescape gold caught the end of things. I got another drink from Smecktacular.

I’m targeting all skill levels 60 through Christmas! I know runescape gold it’s the goal of others, but I want to do it too. I have many skills on top, but some are under 60 years old. My skills are 52 Herb Blossoms, 59 Prayer, 59 Runecrafting, 57 Hunter, 53 Cultivation, 59 Summon. My agility and thief has now turned 60.

Here I have pictures of Matrix in Brimhaven’s Agility Dungeon to go with agility.

I thought it was pretty cool. After reaching a range of 58, I decided to go to the Wilderness Agility Course. I decided to switch to the runescape gold world of players and players (PVP) so I would not be attacked by the revenue. In my quest to find the only two levels of agility, I twice sacrificed by PKers, was uncomfortable to attack the trainer of the poor little agility.

I was attacked by Pker when I returned to the agility course. I asked him to leave me. I started running because he was fine, I moved to the Ardougne plain and went into the deep wilderness. I pulled the lever, I saw pulling my lever. So I was in the wilderness with the bleak Pker. If you can not guess, I died.

I had a thief-crazy ritual from 56 to 60 in one day. I was imprisoned and imprisoned for a long time on the Ardougne Order (Knights of Ardougne). I have level 60, but that’s another skill on the list.

After farming twice runescape gold I started farming.

I have 52 plants. That’s a terribly expensive skill. If anyone has a good way to train Herblore, please comment.

I also did runescrafting 59 to achieve my goals.

Slayer was 57 to reach my goal. I really like my goal very runescape gold motivating!

I ended Glouphrie’s path, so I finally made it so I could work more slayers.

One of my favorite runescape gold performances of the week is in the order of 70! Now GWD will be very easy, especially if you use better armor to carry it. Last but definitely important. , ,

Congratulations to Jim Bag Boy for 97 Agility, though I was too late. Good luck with your 2 mil xp 99! In this photo I’m in the middle, sports bag boy is lying on me runescape gold in the toilet skills Cape, FullofPie in my bottom is, of course, in the fin and defense Cape.

Armmadylo – The race has begun!

Armmadylo – I’m looking runescape gold forward to the race to 99 Woodcutting!

And in the margin note we have reached the woodcut of level 85! Merry Christmas to everyone! runescape gold If you want to post something that someone has for Christmas, please move on. The best I have is the Dell Mini 10v, which is a netbook.

I’m sorry, the runescape gold pictures are not that big. I shot with a new netbook playing with small screens and standard details.

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