Higher logging than tightening wire

I can not believe it, I finally runescape gold have higher skills than Merch Gwyar’s. That I’ve asked for 99 woodcutting, or all their skills alike, it does not matter. I finally have higher skills than Merch Gwyar’s. I do not think she meant to raise her woodwork because that’s the best thing. I was nonstop at Ivy for the great XP you can get. And I cut the yew, it slows down, Leviathan dr. “Time is money. Because it means that you save money by actually signing up with Ivy, I’m 99. There’s a time for other things to do after the impact. for photos now, because I have not been blogging for a while, all my photos are woodcutting here.

I have a level 88 woodcut.

Level 89 Woodcut,

Level 90 lumbering, which is my woodcutting was higher than the Merch Gwyar, and

Level 91 Woodcut. Bad point is that it is not 99 in the middle of at least xp. Of blood leads deep to receive a 450k xp, please opinions, whether runescape gold it is worth to receive my prayer from 60 to 75.

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